GBKiss Mini Games

The table of contents for the “Famitsu Bros” 1997/12 issue says:



Working theory: this cartridge was distributed to game shops, who were supposed to provide a mini-game to visitors on proof of subscription. The actual text of the article would probably explain.



By default, one of three games will be randomly unlocked: Drive, Mogutte Nanbo, or SameGame, from the default group. Upon exiting from the GBKiss menu with B, a menu for installing additional software will appear.

Initially, the available options are password entry and キャラバンバージョン 5ゲーム (“Caravan Version: 5 Games”). There are five passwords which will unlock additional menu options:

These passwords were first documented by CaH4e3 in 2017.


Also referred to as the “Caravan version”. In the late 90’s, Hudson operated a bus around Japan called Caravan shooting Bomberman promotional videos. It’s possible that these same games were distributed from the Caravan bus before they were made available from this cartridge.


The KISSMON group contains Kiss-Mon, Bakechu Relay, and four apps. An improved version of Kiss-Mon was later released in Pocket Bomberman as Kiss-Mon-2.


The CANNON group contains Cannon Ball and 3 other games, along with an icon editor and a collection of icons packed into the Icon-Send app.


The BINARY group contains a demake of Binary Land along with 3 other games.


The GAMEDATA group contains replacement graphics for Puzzle Game, Mogutte Nanbo, and Calculator.

  • Koura 1 (15パズル データ1)
  • Koura 2 (15パズル データ2)
  • Koura 3 (15パズル データ3)
  • Sezaki (もぐってナンボ データ)
  • Num0 Data (ストップウォッチすうじデータ)


The KISSTOOL group contains development tools related to the GBKiss menu itself.