Watch & Timer

Watch & Timer icon


Watch & Timer is a combination stopwatch and timer.

By default, the clock digits are displayed with blocky numbers. If Num0 Data is installed, then launching Watch & Timer from that data file will change the digits to a rounded, stenciled appearance.


In Stopwatch mode, the controls are:

  • A: start or pause the stopwatch
  • B: mark a lap time (while running) or reset the stopwatch (while stopped)
  • Start: switch to Timer mode
  • Select: exit to menu


In timer mode, there are 6 programmable timers. The times are saved to the file, so they will be preserved across runs, and will be included with the software if the file is sent to another player. The controls are:

  • A: start or pause the stopwatch
  • B: cycle between timers (while stopped) or reset the timer (after started)
  • D-Pad: edit the selected time or alarm tone
  • Start: switch to Stopwatch mode
  • Select: exit to menu

In addition to the time, there are four alarm tones which can be selected after the decimal point:

  1. A quick, high-pitched pulse
  2. A repeated, lower-pitched pulse
  3. A triple pulse, repeated 4 times
  4. A doorbell sound, repeated 4 times