GBKiss Cartridges

GBKiss is supported in five games for the original Game Boy, all four Japanese Robot Poncots games for Game Boy Color, the Robot Poncots Demo, and the GBKiss Mini Games distribution software.

Robot Poncots

Unsupported Cartridges

Several games were released using modified software or hardware that omits GBKiss functionality:

  • 2 international releases without infrared connectivity:
    • Pocket Bomberman (B/W, Europe) [DMG-AKOP-EUR]
    • Pocket Bomberman (Color, International) [DMG-AKQE-USA, DMG-AKQP-EUR]
  • 2 Japanese releases with HuC-1 infrared connectivity but no GBKiss support:
  • 1 international release with HuC-3 infrared connectivity but no GBKiss support:
    • Robopon Sun Version (USA) [DMG-HREE-USA]
  • 1 Japanese release with the HuC-3 mapper but no infrared connectivity in the cartridge:
    • Pocket Family GB2 [CGB-HF2J-JPN]