Mogutte Nanbo

Mogutte Nanbo icon


Mogutte Nanbo is a game of whack-a-mole played with A, B, and the D-Pad. From the main menu, four mode-select options are given:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Character Intro

Hit A to choose or Select to exit. The character intro screen lists three characters:

  • Mole: “Well, hit it! Get a high score with consecutive hits!”
  • Chick: “Don’t hit it! Freezes your hammer at that location!”
  • Old Guy: “When this bonus character appears, hit moles as much as you like!”

In-game, there are six pipes, one each for A, B, and the four D-Pad directions. Pressing any button strikes the corresponding position. 100 points are granted or deducted for the first hit or miss, and the value increases by 100 for each consecutive hit or miss. If the player hits a chick, the hammer is frozen for several seconds, and if the player hits an old guy, moles appear at all other locations.

The “Sezaki” replacement graphics package changes the location from the default (an island with pipes) to a lunar surface with craters.