Icon-Edit icon


Icon-Edit creates and modifies 32×24 icon files. These can be saved and viewed as artwork in the Kiss Menu or sent to other players.

There are four options in the menu:

  • へんしゅうする (“Edit”): edit the current icon
  • アイコンのセーブ (“Save Icon”): save current icon to file
  • しんきさくせい (“Create New”): discard current icon and edit a new icon
  • おわる (“End”): stop editing and exit to the menu

Saving the icon will prompt for a title. The save dialog will ask for confirmation of the name and then save the file. If an icon file with the same title already exists, the app will ask for confirmation a second time and overwrite it.

The editor controls are:

  • D-Pad: move the cursor
  • A: cycle colors at the cursor’s location (white → light gray → dark gray → black → white)
  • B: apply the last color chosen with A at the cursor’s location
  • A/B + D-Pad: draw a line with the applied color
  • Select: toggle grid lines
  • Start: open menu